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Ready to Live Better?

Certified Passive Homes Built for the Future

You and your family deserve a home that lives the way it’s supposed to.

Small details you can’t see, have a huge impact on how your home lives. Our team spends as much time on the invisible as it does the visible, so you and your family can enjoy a home that is healthy, comfortable, and safe for years to come.

Prioritizing Health, Comfort & Efficiency

Building codes are woefully outdated. Making it hard to know what you’re really getting when building a custom home. That’s why all of our custom homes exceed local codes and meet the stringent Certified Passive Homes standard.

Passive Houses require very little energy to achieve a comfortable temperature year round, making conventional heating and air conditioning systems obsolete.

A Passive House requires as little as 10% of the heating and cooling energy used by typical buildings – a reduction of up to 90%. While delivering superior levels of comfort, the Passive House Standard also protects the building structure.

Extreme Energy Efficiency

90% more energy efficient than the average house - saving you money while helping the planet.​

Exceptional Indoor Air Quality

Breathe easy knowing that you have control over what comes in your home.

Enhanced Comfort​

Consistent temperature control throughout your home - all year long​


Built to maintain performance for years to come

Have confidence knowing that the invisible things that matter most are taken care of and done right. Building science is our passion. We study it for it fun and bring it to life in well-designed homes that perform just as good as they look. So you and your family can rest easy in a home you’re proud of.

Step Into Your Dream Home in 4 Simple Steps

The Passive House Design & Building Process

1. Schedule Vision Meeting

Establish your goals, wants needs and wishes.

2. Design For Performance

Plan the details of all the things you can and can't see.

3. Begin Building

We will walk with you throughout the entire building process.

4. Enjoy Your Dream Home

Live in comfort and peace with a certified passive house that exceeds your expectations.

Happy Customers

"I have work with Dream home both as a professional and a client. they have always operated with professionalism, quality, and care. I would highly recommend Dream Home for both construction services and Design."